Introduction to

Welcome one and all. This is a new blog about my adventures in the videogame and pinball world. The primary post topics for this blog are:

  • Quests for record high scores and tournament championships (the inspiration for the domain name).
  • Tales of exciting and unusual things that happen at arcades and tournament sites.
  • News related to the pinball and arcade gaming world and my commentary on it.
  • Occasional personal items that I feel comfortable sharing.

Some posts may cover more than one topic. A “night at the arcade” post could easily cover both of the first two, or possibly all four depending on exactly what happens.

Currently my primary focus is pinball tournaments. However, an arcade videogame high score record attempt is part of the plan as well. I have not narrowed it down to a specific game, though I do have a very short list of games I feel I have a chance to set a record on (details to come in a future post). It is quite possible I will make attempts on several games before finding “the one.”