Odds and ends from the past month and change

I’ve gotten in the occasional round of pinball and arcade games here and there over the past couple of months, just haven’t had any time to post until today. I will be checking out a new local venue in the next few days and I wanted to get these up before then.

In rough order: July 21 at Darkhorse Tavern (Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man), August 4 at Little Woodrow’s (World’s Largest Pac-Man/Galaga), August 18 and 25 at Speedy’s Fast Track (The Munsters, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, TMNT, Batman, Iron Maiden).

I know I’ve done better on Galaga (actually, I’ve done better on all of these). I’m still out there playing and do not intend to give up pinball any time soon.