Little Dipper, July 16: All heck breaks loose at the FunHouse

Ordinarily I’d sit on these and wait to make another summary post when I felt like it. But this one was too good to just sit on. I’m posting individual pictures (well, with two grouped together) so I can make commentary on each.

This is a pretty typical game of Family Guy, a bit inflated because of the drop target issue (I got at least one unearned Fart Multiball if I remember right).

Finally,  after having so many games where it seemed like just getting the replay score was a chore, I broke through with this gem on FunHouse (classic mode). The default high scores were (mostly) intact at the time I put this one up; I had previously scraped up a 9.78M+ good enough to eek out a high score #4 temporarily. I didn’t mind seeing that one fall off the bottom, though.

I remember getting at least two regular multiballs, one quick multiball, quite a few Rudy hits (enough to get the 1M sausage bonus), at least two extra balls, and an outlane special.

This is the best score I’ve been able to put up for the FunHouse 2.0: Rudy’s Nightmare ruleset. Someone left a couple of credits on this version, which I found when switching over as the game was set to the classic mode on my arrival. The new ruleset is potentially much higher scoring than FunHouse classic, as the default grand champion is 60M or so if I remember right. This 26.7M+ didn’t even make the high score board if I remember right (or if  it did, it was one of the lower places and I didn’t get a picture).

Overall these were the highlights of a great evening at Little Dipper. I’m wondering how long it will take someone to beat my 21.9M+ on FunHouse classic. Only time will tell…

June 8 through July 11: Little Dipper, Cidercade, Darkhorse Tavern

I’m going to mainly post the pictures, though there will be minimal commentary where I feel I can add some after each gallery.

June 8, Darkhorse Tavern:

Still here, still about as playable as it has been. 771K is a pretty decent score but of course I’ve done a bit better.

June 25 Cidercade

A lot of the usual suspects here. The Cactus Canyon high score was with some player benefit malfunctions, though it’s definitely within the range of what I can attain during normal play especially with that many extra balls. I’m finding that I enjoy Pepper II a lot more than I ever would have back in the day. The Stranger Things high score is probably the highlight of my trip, I think that’s a personal best but I’d have to look again.

June 27, Little Dipper:

Decent scores, all things considered.

July 11, Little Dipper:

Didn’t play a whole lot of Creature so yeah, that score is going to be pretty low. Monster Bash, on the other hand, was one of my better runs in recent memory if not all time on a real machine.

The big story is Funhouse: Rudy’s Nightmare, which has LCD replacements for the main score display as well as the Wind Tunnel Mystery Mirror and allows one to play the original game mode as well as the upgraded/updated version. I never realistically expected to see one of these on location, much less at Little Dipper. To say the least, this was a welcome find.

It took me many tries to get to the score shown (7.98M+). I didn’t get to play this game a whole lot in first run but it’s easily one of my all-time favorites now.

Somewhere I have a screenshot of me running the original Funhouse up over 200M in Pinball Arcade on my tablet from a few years ago when it was the free game of the month. At the time, I had completely forgotten how much harder the real thing was. But, now I remember.