Through August 29: Poison Girl, Cidercade, and Little Dipper

Once again I find myself running way behind on posts, so most of these will have a minimum of commentary. I normally do not post something like a Cidercade visit alongside others; hopefully that will not be necessary again for a while.

August 2, Poison Girl: Except for the rethemed Mata Hari, this was a pretty blah night.

August 9, Poison Girl: Pretty good scores all around, at least when looking at just the highs.

August 16, Poison Girl: Foo Fighters is fixed. (I broke the spinner on the 9th, it literally came off the mount and eventually came to rest above the lower right flipper.)

August 23, Poison Girl:

August 25, Cidercade: The highlight of this trip would, oddly enough, be my score on Pepper II (121K+), with The Walking Dead score of 42M+ up there as well. The rest I can take or leave.

August 29, Little Dipper: A few quick games of Creature. I’m back on the high score board after it was recently cleared (except for the grand champion of course).

July 19, 24, 28 Poison Girl and Cidercade

I know I’m way behind, so there’s not a whole lot of commentary to go with many of these.

July 19, Poison Girl

I had the higher score on Jurassic Park and Iron Maiden.

July 24, Poison Girl

Not a particularly good day on Whirlwind, but a decent run on Elvira’s House of Horrors.

July 28, Cidercade

The #4 high score pic (HCK) from Heavy Metal is included for reference, to show I didn’t miss the high score board by a whole lot. I play Heavy Metal a lot at Cidercade because it’s a fun game. The Pepper II score, while not making the top of the list, is likely one of my better runs.