The last arcade visits of 2020

I am way behind on these, so these will be a bit light on detail and picture heavy. The good news is the next two from January will be more recent.

Speedy’s on 12/22, highest scores on the day (with one non-high score where a record was set):

  • JP: 43.9M+
  • Batman 66: 639.6M+, Bat Phone champion 18M, Penguin 95 champion 246.1M+, Shame 115/116 champion 74.3M+
  • Iron Maiden: 76.4M+
  • Deadpool: 28.3M+
  • TMNT: 25.0M+, Donatello champion, grand champion
  • The Munsters: Zap champion 880K (in a game with a 20.0M+ score), 90.7M+, high score #1, Munster Madness champion 21.8M+, Bonus champion 12.1M+
  • Super Pac-Man: 110,340

Speedy’s on 12/24, high scores on the day (apologies for the reflections on some of these, they are the best quality pictures I could get):

  • Batman 66: 30.5M+
  • TMNT: 10.4M+
  • JP: 131.8M+
  • Iron Maiden: 267.1M+, high score #1, Trooper Multiball champion 39.33M, Spinner master 315, Bonus Meltdown master 26.656M
  • Deadpool: 169.6M+
  • The Munsters: Herman champion 6.9M+, (in 32.9M+ game) 36.4M+
  • Quick & Crash: 5.325 seconds, 6th place
  • Star Wars: 165.3M+
  • Millipede: 72,573

EinStein’s in Richmond, 12/30 (pardon the holiday lights in some of the pictures, that’s just how the arcade was decorated for the season):

    • Wizard of Oz: 44,341
    • Total Nuclear Annihilation: 599k+; Reactor 2 Speed Run, 42 seconds (yes, I “SKQuashed” the previous record)
    • Sorcerer: 569k+
    • Batman 66: 133.4M+
    • Stranger Things: 173.5M+
    • Paragon: 101k+
    • TMNT: 6.3M+

Speedy’s on 12/31:

  • TMNT: 18.0M+, high score #4
  • The Munsters: 4.3M+
  • JP: 79.5M+
  • Iron Maiden: 23.3M+
  • Star Wars: 39.5M+
  • Quick & Crash: 6.197 sec (place unknown, didn’t take)
  • Some flight sim game I don’t recall the name of: 74 points, 3:41 flight time
  • Deadpool: 111.0M+