Brief note about November happenings and other events

I know it’s been awhile since the last post, but I have had a lot of things come up in my personal life. This is just a brief note about what’s been going on so far this month.

I did make it to Houston Arcade Expo the weekend of the 11th through 13th. I also have some scores to post from various bar/arcade visits before and after those dates. These will be split up into three posts: one before, one of Houston Arcade Expo, and then one after.

After that I will be making a series of pinball related posts to my other blog, Rant Roulette. They will be posted there as the subject matter is such that the series of posts in question will really be more about politics than pinball. I realize some of my fans may have some questions and I hope those posts will answer most of them. I will try to answer any others, but there are some questions I will not be answering in a public forum if at all.

With all that out of the way, I’m looking forward to ending 2022 on a high note and the exciting new promises that the new year, 2023, has in store.

Edit 2023-03-27: After careful consideration, I believe this series, as originally conceived and written, is no longer in my best interest to post. What does get posted will be a heavily edited subset of the first post in that series.