After Houston Arcade Expo through New Year’s Eve/Day 2023

There were a few more visits through the remainder of the year, culminating in a very special New Year’s Eve at Cidercade Houston. Special, in that it’s the first time I can remember that I was playing a game pinball through the stroke of midnight–that’s how much I was into my games. This particular play of the game (Rush) happened to be a relatively unremarkable run, though it was a surreal experience to clean the confetti off of the playfield glass in mid-game.

Notes about the two Centipede scores: One of the two Centipede machines is set for a brutal 2 lives and extra every 10k. This was, oddly enough, the machine on which I set the 44,818 high score. The other was (I think) an ordinary 3 lives/12k setting.

And yes, for better or worse, Spiderman replaced Funhouse at Little Dipper. It does seem to be playing better on its return, though.

November 15, Continental Club (the BurgerTime game is in the back with the shuffleboard and pool tables):

December 2, Little Dipper:

December 26, Little Dipper:

December 31/January 1, Bishop Cidercade: