Texas Pinball Festival 2023, part 3: Saturday

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I woke up Saturday morning and immediately checked the standings. My memory is a bit fuzzy here, but I believe the first time I checked I was still hanging on to the last spot in novice division, but I do remember I would finally be knocked out of contention well before noon.

My first stop this morning was the 7-Eleven for breakfast, and then on to the show floor. Highlights of the day included getting to play the new Pulp Fiction and Galactic Tank Force pinball games.

Notable scores of the day include:

  • Mata Hari, 426k+
  • Mouse Trap (video game), 81160
  • Banzai Run, 1.21M+ (second player of three player game, despite it being the lowest of the scores in that game, it was my best all day)
  • Target Alpha, 230k+
  • Pulp Fiction, 1.43M+ (third player of three-player game)
  • Funhouse, 13.2M+

This is not a complete list but just what I consider to be among my better efforts. My apologies for some of the weird crops; a lot of the exhibitor stickers with phone numbers were pasted on the backglass, in some cases very close to the player scores. In some cases the name of the game is not legible but can be validated by other backglass art. Also, this gallery is not entirely in chronological order as two scores had to be documented with video and I would then extract a frame from that video to include in the gallery.