Through April 20

Some of these will have more commentary than others, as once again I’ve had more visits than time to post about them.

March 27, Little Dipper. Two pretty good scores, Spider-man (81.00M+) and Creature (203.0M+). Neither is good enough for the high score board (rather stiff competition here).

April 3, Poison Girl. Except for Wheel of Fortune (40.02M+), nothing too exceptional; at this point the Whirlwind score (14.79M+) is actually pretty much run of the mill (keeping in mind it’s my highest over the entire night).

April 7, Poison Girl. Pretty blah overall on this run.

April 10, Poison Girl. I put up a good 185M+ on Iron Maiden and set a few other records. The Scared Stiff score is also surprisingly decent. (On this visit Whirlwind wouldn’t coin up due to a jammed coin slot.)

April 14, Swamp Shack in Lake Jackson (Abner Jackson Parkway). A quick after dinner game of Ms. Pac-Man. The first picture is just to show the high score before I played, and the last played score is from the kid that played before me. (My score is the second picture, 95660.) This game did have the speed-up chip.

April 19, Continental Club. Not one of my better BurgerTime games. After this game, I couldn’t get the machine to coin up again, so this may be the last time I play it until I find another one.

April 20, Poison Girl. Great run on Attack from Mars (9.938B+ good for third on the high score list!), decent on the other two. (The Scared Stiff score was with only two balls, someone left a game with zero points on ball 2 with the replay score jacked up.) Whirlwind once again wouldn’t coin up or I would have played it too.