June 13 Poison Girl: Wheel is out, the new Elvira is in

So upon my periodic checking of Pinball Map sometime in the days prior, I noticed that there was a change in the lineup at Poison Girl. Wheel of Fortune was moved out, replaced by a new-ish and certainly new-to-the-location Elvira’s House of Horrors (EHOH).

I had a few fairly good runs on Whirlwind, topping out with a 14.7M+. I also got in a couple of games of Iron Maiden, though neither really went anywhere. My scores on EHOH were what I’d call decent for one of the first times really trying to learn the game, though not enough to win a replay. It does seem like a game I’ll eventually get into if I play it enough, though.

June 5: Spiders and the Creature at Little Dipper

The documented highlight of this particular night was a 210.4M+ run on Spider-Man, good for a spot on the high score list as well as many of the category high scores. Of note, the best combo champion is from a following game; the 210.4M+ game only had a double 6-way.

Unfortunately, there are pictures missing due to a technical issue, including a 250M+ run on Creature, during which I came painfully close to hitting a super jackpot and breaking through to the grand champion spot on the high score list. I am omitting the Creature games with lower scores as I don’t see any point in posting them.