July 11-13

I have a backlog to work through as I haven’t felt up to posting for a while. So yes, these are a bit old by now, and I’m posting just for these three days at first as there is one event that deserves its own post.

My travels during this portion of July took me by Del Mar Lanes, Little Dipper, Poison Girl, and Darkhorse Tavern.

First up, July 11 at Del Mar Lanes for a few rounds of Godzilla. Not too shabby, 151.0M+ and new loop champion and heat ray champion (not all in the same game).

Next, July 12 at Little Dipper and Poison Girl. The games I got in at Little Dipper were just to pass a little time before heading to another event. A lot of these, outside of the Creature and (Old Olberholt rethemed) Mata Hari were pretty mediocre for me, to be honest.

Finally, July 13 at Darkhorse Tavern. Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man is gone, replaced by a much newer Ripley’s with a color DMD. Unfortunately it’s far from issue free, with a broken lock gate and (at the time I played) a wire harness hanging down that caused some stuck balls. I’ve done a lot better than 19.1M+ on this particular title, but I don’t think this is too shabby given what I had to deal with.