May 22 through June 6: Darkhorse Tavern, Little Dipper, Cidercade

I’ve still been getting in the occasional round or three or ten of pinball when time permits. So here’s what I’ve been up to behind sets of flipper buttons.

May 22, Darkhorse Tavern

I know I’ve done far better, this was mainly to ensure the game was still there.

May 23, Little Dipper

Didn’t play a whole lot tonight. The game on Creature from the Black Lagoon was someone else’s unwanted replay.

May 27, Cidercade

There was a good chunk of this visit (about an hour or so, judging by the photo timestamps) where I was playing Killer Queen. Unfortunately KQ doesn’t lend itself to being documented in the same form as there are no real scores to speak of, just a winning team. I’ll have more commentary about KQ in an upcoming post.

June 6, Little Dipper

Note: The 172M+ on Creature from the Black Lagoon was without the aid of a multiball jackpot.

Little Dipper, May 2

A few more scores from this past Monday. The Monster Bash score was from a game interrupted by a malfunctioning slam tilt switch, or could have potentially been much higher.

I played Creature from the Black Lagoon the most on this visit. I enjoy this game but the requirement to start multiball is a bit tedious, not to mention the frustration when one finally gets multiball lit only to drain on the last ball.

Little Dipper, April 25

There was a little time for pinball before and after trivia, so I have a few scores to post. Of particular note is the 215.0M+ on Creature from the Black Lagoon, by far my best game in recent memory if not my best game ever on this title to date.

Not much else to add, as this was a short night.

Cidercade, April 22: Just popping in for a bit

The night of Friday, April 22, brought a great reason to pop into Cidercade as a friend of mine was celebrating a birthday. The higher scores on Star Wars and Iron Maiden were mine; the one on Rush, unfortunately, was not. We also played some Pac-Man Battle Royale, one of my favorite modern video games which unfortunately does not lend itself easily to score photos of this sort. (The format is up to 4 players playing 5 rounds, with the winner being the one to win the most rounds. There are no real “scores” to speak of.)

Perhaps the highlight is the 22.1M+ on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The one at Cidercade is a Pro model; the others I’ve played are both LE. The main difference is that the Pro model does not store balls inside the van toy, but instead launches the balls for Turtle Power multiball out of the plunger lane. It really does not affect game play that much, but seeing all four balls come out of the van toy like they do on the LE (and Premium?) is kind of cool to watch.

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