Space City Pinball League Season 5 Week 5: Quick, to the Batmobile

Again, running way behind on these, so these are going to be rather spartan.

Games: Aerosmith, Batman 66, Game of Thrones, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, (Star Trek). Grouping: Bryce Revnew, Blake Dumesnil, Rick Garcia.

First game: Game of Thrones. Second place with 19.8M+ behind Rick’s 34.3M+. Three standings points after one round.

Second game: Ghostbusters. Last place with 11.5M+ behind Blake’s third-place 24.0M+. Four standings points so far.

Third game: Aerosmith. I scored 12.76M+ which barely held up for second ahead of Bryce’s 12.66M+. Blake took first with 37.1M+. Seven standings points so far.

Fourth game: Batman 66. I completely dominated this one with 427.8M+, good for not only an easy first place ahead of Bryce’s 142.3M+, but for fourth on the all-time high score list. Twelve standings points so far.

Final game: The Walking Dead. Any other day 16.0M+ would be a relatively decent score, but today Bryce’s 17.2M+ was only good enough for third, meaning my score was last. Thirteen standings points on the night, not terrible but it easily could have been another night with eleven, ten, or even nine.

(Also included in the photo gallery: A panorama taken during warmups, a high score from a multi-arcade unit on the bar, and a selfie taken right after dominating on Batman 66.)

I wound up missing week 6, so the next post will be week 7 which just happened, and there’s actually a bit more detail in it.

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