Space City Pinball League Season 6 Week 3: Dial me in to a proton pack

So for various reasons, I wasn’t able to play week 2. In the grand scheme of things, it really just means I was that much more eager to really make a splash this week.

My group-mates this week: Brittany Rogers, Blake “Q*Bert” Dumesnil, and Joe Cuellar. The games this week: Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, Batman 66, Dialed In, Attack from Mars, AC/DC, and Star Wars.

We would begin the night on Ghostbusters. With the help of points from the extra ball shot (the game awards points instead of an extra ball) I would finish with 56.8M+, easily good enough for a first place. Given I didn’t really get much else going during the entire game, it was a relief that my score held up.

We would move on to Aerosmith. This game is becoming downright vicious when it comes to spitting freshly plunged balls straight down the middle. I managed to put up 2.1M+ good enough for third place, which is a minor miracle given that I was barely able to keep one ball in play for longer than 30 seconds. Obviously, a third, non-last place game is not where I want to start a league night, but it is better than finshing fourth in a group of four.

Our next game would be Batman 66. I put up a respectable 86.0M+ but it was not going to be good enough for first because Joe posted a blistering 177.8M+ which I wasn’t going to catch barring a miracle (which obviously did not happen). There’s nothing like having the crane just sit there blocking the lock shot when all you want to do is lock three balls and start multiball. That’s the one thing I am starting to hate about this game… Still, by this point I know I have at least 10 standings points on the night with two games to go, so I’m feeling pretty good.

And then we get to play Dialed In. I did decently on this game during the brief time I had to warm up, but for once, I was really able to turn up my game when it counted, getting at least a decent number of points off of multiballs. I would sign off with 545K+, more than double the other three players’ scores added together. Fifteen standings points with one game to go. Even in the worst case, I’m leaving with a total of 16 standings points on the night, which is good. But I want better, of course.

Attack from Mars would round out the night. Thankfully, the debacle that occurred in week 1 was not repeated. I was able to put up 2.029B+, but then I got to watch Joe eek past it and sign off with 2.283B+. I’m not too ashamed of second place here, as I know that score would barely be good for third given certain other groupings. I would finish up with a total of 18 standings points, tied for the sixth highest total of everyone present.

Overall I was happy with how I performed this week. Should I continue to have enough good nights like this, qualifying for A divison is a distinct possibility. Unfortunately I missed week 2 so that already accounts for potentially one drop week of two allowed.