Space City Pinball League Season 6 Week 5: Holy high score, Batman

I never got around to writing the post for this week when it was fresh in my mind, so this one’s going to be a bit light on details. Groupmates: Bryce Gilbert, Jamie Jenkins, Brad Berryman. Games assigned to us: Batman 66, Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, AC/DC, Star Wars. Games not assigned to us: Aerosmith, Ghostbusters.

As of the night these games were played, I had not yet decided to forgo playing in the following week, and I was at 45 points, good for 20th place, still well in the running for A division assuming we eventually met a 34 qualified player minimum to have 16 players in A division (between 18 and 33 qualified players, A division is 12 players).

Before I get into this, this was the week that Bryce Revnew ran up an absolutely insane high score of 1,570,153,460 on Batman 66. This happened toward the end of the night if memory serves me correctly; Bryce had topped the 1 billion mark when I looked over in the middle of the game we were playing, then our group finished, and then I looked over again and he was still going at it, much to my surprise.

Anyway, on to our games in order of play:

Attack from Mars: I would barely eek out a third with 773M+ in front of Brad’s 732M+. Not exactly the ambitious start I wanted, to say the least. (Standings points so far: 2.)

Medieval Madness: I took first with 13.0M+ in front of Brad’s 7.6M+. As much as I hate this game and its notoriously flat flippers and tight tilt (as set up here, anyway), this is two weeks in a row where I would do well on it. (Standings points so far: 7.)

AC/DC: I only manage an 8.7M+, Bryce scores 11.8M+, and the other two even higher, giving me my first last-place finish of the night. I think this one came down to not being able to make the shots when I needed to, with a couple of really bad misses that didn’t exactly help. (Standings points so far: 8.)

Star Wars: Somehow my 233.4M+ is good enough for first place, with Brad taking second with 104.3M+. I don’t even feel like I had a particularly good game, but I’ll take the win any day. (Standings points so far: 13.)

Batman 66: I put up 55.0M+, good enough for third in front of Brad’s 35.7M+. I just couldn’t keep it in play long enough to really pile up points. This is a very close second for the most disappointing performance of the night.

That leaves me with 15 standings points on the night, good enough to bring my total to 60 where it would remain until the start of week 7 because I decided not to play week 6. At the end of week 5, it’s good for 16th place, still putting me squarely in the running for A division. After week 6, however, I would drop to 23rd tied with Chris Dyer. Not out of it, but not really in the thick of the race, either.