Colorado Canyon: A little mini-golf and ghostbusting after work

So today, my regular job involved a trip to the Beaumont area. After work was done, I had a brief lunch at a nearby Mexican food restaurant, and headed over to Colorado Canyon, originally for a game of mini-golf. I feel like I didn’t too bad, staying relatively close to par until the 13th hole, but still managing to turn in a 59 (+16) for the whole course. Decent, but not exactly living up to the legacy of my grandfather (who was an avid golfer in his later years).

So, after turning in my ball and putter, I decide I’m not ready to go back to Houston just yet. I look through the arcade, and much to my surprise I am greeted by a Ghostbusters pinball machine. With a game started, and another credit in reserve. I play a couple of games, doing well enough to win three replays. Everything plays okay. I decide I’m going to play a few more. In the middle I take a break and play Space Invaders Frenzy, but I do hop right back on Ghostbusters afterwards (the arcade is nearly empty). I win a few replays here and there and finally break through with a smashing 1.36B+. In the interest of brevity I’m only posting this one score, though I easily played 10 games total (many off of replays).

This is the new code, which no longer awards the video mode on skill shots. Ghostbusters is a decent pinball game again. Finally. All the video mode weenies will probably whine now that they actually have to play pinball to get a high score on a pinball machine. Such is life. I’m not a huge fan of video modes, but I tolerate them if they do not unbalance and ruin the game. (That score was made without playing the video modes even once.)