Speedy’s visit summary through January 28

This is a very quick summary of what I was able to put up through the last three weeks of January give or take. This includes one post-tournament game on January 24 but the actual tournament will be summarized in a later post. So yes, this will be slightly out of chronological order, something I don’t really like to do but which is unfortunately necessary to get caught up in a timely fashion.

  • TMNT normal game, 26.7M+ grand champion and Leonardo champion 1/24
  • TMNT final battle challenge, 20.7M+ 1/23
  • Iron Maiden, 321.9M+ 1/23 high score #1
  • Munsters, 19.1M+ 1/21
  • JP normal game, 254.8M+ 1/28
  • JP Escape Nubular, 275.0M+ 1/26
  • Deadpool, 205.5M+ 1/28
  • Super Pac-Man, 76,040 1/15
  • Q*Bert, 18,875 1/21
  • Millipede, 78,394 1/28
  • Track & Field, 96,110 1/23 (game has video issues but score is legible)

All in all I’m pretty happy with most of these, particularly Millipede, TMNT final battle, JP Escape Nubular, and Iron Maiden.