Texas Renaissance Festival 2021

For the fans who will also be there who might like to say howdy, I will be at the Texas Renaissance Festival on Friday the 26th. I know it is relatively late notice, but it’s partially on purpose. I will be there at least most of the day, if not true “cannon to cannon” as I did last time I went in 2008.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

09:00  Opening Cannon
09:30   Arsene (Odeon)
10:30   Sound and Fury (Odeon)
11:30   Tartanic (Dove Meadow Stage)
12:30   Saxon Moon (Dove Meadow Stage)
13:30   The Clan Tynker (Globe)
14:30   Theatre of Fools (Globe)
15:30   Fire Whip Show (Falconer's Hearth) *tentative
16:30   Two Merry Men (Polish Pub)
17:30   Rose and Thorny (Polish Pub)
    Dinner / Open (Shopping etc?)
19:20   Solar Rain (The Arena)
19:50   Royal Fireworks (The Arena)

This is of course assuming that the performance schedule on the website matches the actual performance times, all of the above performers will be able to perform as scheduled, and I don’t see another reason to deviate (the most likely reason would be arriving later than expected).

I will elaborate more on this later, but I do hope once again to make this an annual tradition as I had started in 2007 and 2008.

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