Texas Pinball Festival links, etc

I know some of these are duplicates but I want to make sure all these links are gathered in one place for those “late to the party”.

For those looking to follow along this weekend:

Looking forward to a great time. Let’s rock.

Update (originally written 2022-03-25T20:14 but failed to post) — due to technical difficulties I may not be able to update the live feed anymore tonight. I have the scores stored locally on my phone and hopefully backed up at some point over the network, and will pencil them in into the final chronology of the entries as they were played.

Update 2022-03-27T08:16 — final standing 139th out of 160 players. There appear to have been four or five no shows out of the group. Full recap to follow in the coming days.

Update 2022-03-28T04:39 — Turns out I misread the results. I assumed a zero final score meant a no-show and that is not necessarily the case. My apologies to the players in question.