Little Dipper and Cidercade, week of March 28

After the Texas Pinball Festival, the following week saw a visit to Little Dipper and a couple of visits to Cidercade. I should note that I am now part of the “nerd herd” (monthly members) at Cidercade. Thus, you will probably start seeing me there a lot more often.

A lot of these scores may seem rather low. I will admit that they probably do not represent my best effort in most cases, as many of these games were just about becoming re-acquainted with these games (beyond what I had time to play at the Texas Pinball Festival where applicable). Of note, Heavy Metal is just a low-scoring game compared to other Stern DMD-era games, and 5 million points is considered extremely good. The high scores at Cidercade are in the 15 to 20 million range if memory serves correctly (will re-verify in the coming weeks).

Gallery 1, Little Dipper, March 28 (after trivia):

Gallery 2, Cidercade (Houston), March 29:

Gallery 3, Cidercade (Houston), April 1:

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