Cidercade, April 22: Just popping in for a bit

The night of Friday, April 22, brought a great reason to pop into Cidercade as a friend of mine was celebrating a birthday. The higher scores on Star Wars and Iron Maiden were mine; the one on Rush, unfortunately, was not. We also played some Pac-Man Battle Royale, one of my favorite modern video games which unfortunately does not lend itself easily to score photos of this sort. (The format is up to 4 players playing 5 rounds, with the winner being the one to win the most rounds. There are no real “scores” to speak of.)

Perhaps the highlight is the 22.1M+ on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The one at Cidercade is a Pro model; the others I’ve played are both LE. The main difference is that the Pro model does not store balls inside the van toy, but instead launches the balls for Turtle Power multiball out of the plunger lane. It really does not affect game play that much, but seeing all four balls come out of the van toy like they do on the LE (and Premium?) is kind of cool to watch.