Upcoming: Texas Pinball Festival 2023

This weekend (upcoming, March 24-26) is the Texas Pinball Festival including the Wizards tournament. I am confirmed for the Wizards tournament and a hotel room in the area (no hostel or cheap “Tobacco Road” room this time around).

Once again, links for those looking to follow along:

  • Main scoreboard (note that I am only in the Wizards tournament, so you will not see me with results for Classics or others)
  • Jump straight to my scores
  • Live stream for finals (4pm Saturday): Wormhole Pinball
  • Mastodon (Twitter workalike) feed (toot.community) — will have scores and possible brief commentary, relatively close to real-time, subject to internet and other technical functionality. Note that this is a different link than last year as I have changed Mastodon instances.
  • Peertube account (video.hardlimit.com) — will have live-streamed and/or recorded content made available during the event, directly from me and my devices, subject to internet and other technical functionality. Generally I will only go live on this for ~5 minutes at a time, possibly longer if people have questions/comments.

I’m really looking forward to this year, especially with last year’s experience and what I learned from it.