July 3 Poison Girl: Hello, Dolly

So not too long ago, yet another change was made to the lineup at Poison Girl. Attack from Mars is out, replaced with a Dolly Parton table (Bally, 1979). I’ve played this game before, most recently at the Texas Pinball Festival this year on Saturday. I put up a rather remarkable 444k+ that, for some reason, I omitted from the notable scores of the day in the original post. That score is about where the high score is on the machine at Poison Girl. Unfortunately, on this trip, I wasn’t able to get anywhere near that score, as this machine is set up much harder than the one at TPF. That, and the TPF score was the best of several games on free play; this one was my best of six games at 50 cents a pop (well, the first one was only 25 cents as there was apparently a half credit on the machine on arrival).

Other than that, a score 9.1M+ on Whirlwind rounded out the evening. Not a whole lot to write about with that one; obviously, I’m capable of much better, but it’s a decent run given I wasn’t really trying that hard.