October 27-28: Halloween Pub Crawl

Another pub crawl, another set of pictures.

I debated even showing up for this as I had other social opportunities in front of me. Looking back on it, the term “sunk cost fallacy” comes to mind. I bought my ticket for this crawl way back in April. Obviously, I could not have any idea what the coming months had in store for me both personally and professionally. I had lightly considered letting someone else have my ticket in the weeks before, but in the end chose to show up sans costume. (This somewhat echoes the experience of the Foam Glow fun run/walk from July, but the tickets for that event may not have been transferable due to requiring a waiver to participate.)

That said the nights weren’t a total flop, I did make a bit of conversation with a few people and I got some much-needed relationship/dating advice. Most of the vibe of the previous crawls just wasn’t there for me for whatever reason; I didn’t even take a selfie, which is kind of rare for me. The reasons were specific to me and my state of mind, though; I still encourage everyone to try at least one bar/pub crawl for themselves and form their own opinion about whether or not it’s something worth doing. As Meat Loaf famously sang, two out of three ain’t bad.

So given all that, this post is going to be surprisingly light on details and stories. It’s pretty much an excuse to post pictures. This time around, it’s more high scores (for the night, anyway) on the games at FAO. These include a rare pic from Pac-Man Battle Royale which I just happened to snap in time. As a bonus, there’s a not-so-random picture of the decor at Playground.

At this point I still plan to return for my second year of the onesie bar crawl. It’s only apropos that I type this on this season’s first night of honest-to-goodness onesie/kigurumi weather here in Houston. (We went from near-summer weather to what’s basically winter weather in the span of a couple of days. It’s nuts.)