Brief notes regarding the final posts of 2023

I would like to share a few notes regarding the last few posts of 2023. Unlike the last couple of years, I will not be attending the New Year’s Eve event at Cidercade Houston. This should not be taken as a negative review of that event in past years; this is simply due to my personal circumstances and desires on how I wish to celebrate the arrival of the new year this time around. If you want to go to Cidercade for New Year’s Eve, go ahead and get your ticket(s) and don’t let my planned absence get in the way.

There is an important post scheduled for the 31st (New Year’s Eve). It is not a typical event or arcade visit summary, but it is nominally pinball-related. For a while I considered putting that post over on Rant Roulette instead, but what I needed to say is too closely intertwined with the storylines that have been told in this blog’s archives. With that in mind, making that post elsewhere doesn’t make any sense.

I may have one final arcade visit post to make this year, but there’s a chance I will not be able to finish it before the calendar flips over.

Happy new year to all, and I am looking forward to an exciting 2024!