Poison Girl February 25: And the winds just keep on whirling

After the previous night’s runs on Godzilla, I was inspired to head over to Poison Girl for the first time in a long while (since September 8 when I set the 59.0M+ grand champion on Whirlwind, if you want to get technical). So long, in fact, that the lower high scores had been automatically reset. My 59.0M+ grand champion, however, was still there.

I started off with a quick game of Dolly Parton, scoring a new personal best of 263,170. Then, I moseyed on down to Whirlwind and put my first quarter in, to be greeted by “CREDITS 4 1/2”. I went ahead and coined up the other half credit making it “CREDITS 5” and started the first game.

I’d start off with a real stinker of 1.35M+ and would wind up winning enough replays to turn that five credits I started with into a whopping sixteen games actually played, lasting easily an hour and a half. (I’d have to dig up the photo timestamps to compare the sessions during which I put up other high scores, but they are probably about the same or slightly longer.) By the time I was done, the score to get a replay had skyrocketed to 10.2M (it started at 4.2M) and I had put up three of the four lower high scores: 23.1M+, 18.4M+, and 10.5M+. That left only PBK’s 13.9M+ of the high scores that were up on my arrival.

I would wrap things up with a quick game on Guns N Roses (Jersey Jack) scoring a rather unremarkable 775K+ (replay was at 2M). I’d call it a night after another unremarkable game of Dolly Parton and a game on the re-themed Mata Hari.