Texas Pinball Festival 2024 part 6: Miscellaneous photos (mostly show floor)

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So with all that tournament action, you may well be thinking I had no time to actually go onto the show floor and just play casual pinball. Well, actually, I did get some games in; I don’t drive for over 4 hours and 250 miles just to stay in the tournament room the whole time.

There are too many different scores here to go into all of them in detail. Of particular note is the new Scooby-Doo game from Spooky Pinball, as well as another quick (lousy) game of Labyrinth I was able to squeak in.

In total, counting the games I didn’t post, I probably got about 40-50 casual games in on the show floor. That’s not nearly as many as a show like Houston Arcade Expo where I’m not (usually) in the tournament room for hours on end, but I still feel it’s a respectable number.

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