June 11 through 26

June 11, Little Dipper and Del Mar Lanes:

One of my better runs on Indy 500, a decent run on Stars, followed by a pretty solid run on Godzilla over at Del Mar. Not bad for an evening, I say.

June 16 Einstein’s Katy:

(On Stars I was player 2, 199k+)

Some of these are ho-hum but some are surprisingly decent, such as the score on John Wick, one of the first few times I’ve played the game. There may have been higher scores but for some reason some of the pictures didn’t take properly.

June 25, Little Dipper:

(I was player 1 on both Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean.)

Most of these weren’t too bad, though my performance on POTC was handicapped by a couple of dumb shots that ended in drains.

June 26, Eureka Heights Brewery:

I came here mainly to play Pulp Fiction as this game is not available on location anywhere else in the Houston area that I can access to the best of my knowledge. I played The Munsters because it had ¾ of a credit (75¢ of $1) on it, Rush because it had 2 whole credits left behind, and Toy Story 4 as I wanted to play one that I felt had a reasonable chance of being properly maintained. (Cidercade is an “all-you-can-play buffet” location and while they do their best, they often get behind; Einstein’s Richmond does have the game but I rarely make it out there.)

The above 1.96M+ score represents the best effort out of 10 games, 5 of those at $1.50 apiece (coins), then 5 more for $5 ($1 apiece) via the card reader. The newer games are $1.50/play and the slightly older games are $1.00/play, with discounts for multiple games purchased with credit/debit card.