Houston Arcade Expo 2022

I realize this is a rather belated post, but better late than never. I’ve actually had the sorting done since sometime around mid-December but time has been at a premium due to my regular job.

Again this year, I spent the majority of my time at my face painting table. Many of the pictures represent games played during the breaks I was able to take, most of them early in the event and late in the (event) day on Sunday, and during other slower business periods.

This (gigantic) gallery has the pinball scores in alphabetical order, then the video games in no particular order, then games from a pre-war mechanical pinball display. In the case of the pre-war games, that actually represents everything I played; they were in the vendor hall and as such much friendlier to a quick game while waiting for more business.

My score on Tempest was eventually beaten before the end of the event. While it doesn’t represent my best efforts on the game by any means, I did feel it was a good effort for the limited time I had to play it. Some titles (most notably Genie and Power Play) did have some player benefit malfunctions helping me along; I didn’t really take notes or remember to what extent on each, or even if that was the complete list of games being overly generous.

Black Hole locked up and refused to advance to the next ball; the score and bonus represent the state of the game before I had to power-cycle it to clear the malfunction (I don’t think I had a bonus multiplier earned but I could be wrong).