Upcoming: Cidercade Houston Stoplight Party

I wanted to get this up even though it will be (somewhat) out of chronological order.

Not too long ago Cidercade (2320 Canal Street, Houston) announced the Valentine’s Day Stoplight parties for all locations. As you may recall, I attended this event last year, which I was eagerly looking forward to after it was cancelled in 2021 due to inclement weather (the infamous 2021 Valentine’s Day ice storms).

Well, I just got my ticket for the event at the Houston location and I am looking forward to it again this year. It’s $10 which is basic admission (does not include food or party favors). Like a lot of events at Cidercade, this one is likely to sell out so if getting your classic arcade and pinball fix sounds like your kind of Valentine’s Day event, go get your ticket(s) from Eventbrite. I look forward to seeing you there!