April 10 Del Mar Lanes

So April 10, the very next night, I decide to drop in at Del Mar Lanes for “a couple quick games of Godzilla”. Famous last words. The quest for grand champion on this particular machine would finally bear fruit as I would bust through with a whopping 606.7M+! Unlike previous attempts, it really seemed like I just couldn’t lose at times, making saves and multiball jackpot shots that I had never made before. I would also put up a 554.7M+ just under the previous grand champion, good for high score #2.

These are the last games of Godzilla before the high scores would be reset (automatically or manually, I’m not sure). So on that note, here are all the high scores I had on this machine as of the time I left on April 10 (these may or may not be in order that the machine displays them, somehow the upload happened in a random order):