April 15 Cidercade

In case you missed it, Cidercade ran a promotion for free admission on April 15, Tax Day. (For those outside the US, this is the date that the Internal Revenue Service requires either individual tax returns to be filed, or an extension.) I’ve never been one to turn down free pinball and classic arcade games, so I took them up on the offer.

The very first game I played was Black Knight: Sword of Rage (Pro) where I would put up a white-hot 122.1M+, which I think is the best I have ever done on a Pro model. I would follow up with a 193.1M+ on Godzilla (LE). (My apologies for the out-of-focus score photo, though the one following shows it much more legibly.) I would follow this up with a 64.5M+ on Foo Fighters (Premium), also one of my better runs. Other highlights would include a 6.56M+ on Heavy Metal. I’d put up a few decent video game scores too, including a 56,720 on Centipede and 101K+ on Gyruss (still very playable despite the green-tinted picture).

All in all, a pretty good day at Cidercade.