Arcade visit summary through January 9

Once again, most of these will be a bit light on detail but there will be a few highlights to comment on.

The Game Preserve (The Woodlands), January 1:

  • Star Trek (Stern): 8.49M+
  • Twilight Zone: 66.4M+
  • Dancing Lady: 416
  • Spy Hunter (pinball): 1.83M+
  • White Water: 228.2M+
  • Star Wars (Stern): 280.6M+
  • Game of Thrones (Pro): 97.49M+
  • Q*Bert (video): 29,835
  • Charlie’s Angels: 392,380
  • Rollergames: 2.23M+ (slightly blurry, but this game does not show previous scores easily)
  • The Simpsons (pinball): 739,040
  • Lord of the Rings: 6.10M+
  • Metallica: 4.40M+
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: 561.9M+, high score #4
  • Marble Madness: 19,630
  • Tri Zone: 347,050
  • Arkanoid: 17,230
  • Nibbler: 51,630
  • Flying Carpet: 3,689 (may not be accurate, scoring reels are having issues on this game lately)
  • NBA Fastbreak: 57
  • Doctor Who: 428.4M+

The main highlights here were White Water, Spy Hunter, Doctor Who, and Guardians of the Galaxy. On White Water, I had a pretty good multiball run as well as getting a high bonus multiplier early on (and on this game, the bonus multiplier is automatically held for each succeeding ball). Spy Hunter was another case of getting key features lit and a high end of ball bonus to boot. Doctor Who, if I remember right, I had at least one good multiball, possibly two, with the jackpots helping immensely (it also helps that the bonus multiplier shot in this game is always lit and relatively easy to keep hitting). Guardians of the Galaxy, I remember having a good Groot Multiball run or two, possibly an Orb Multiball as well. All in all a pretty good evening.

Speedy’s, January 3:

  • Quick & Crash: 7.735 sec (started off great but had a lousy stage 3 and 4)
  • Iron Maiden: 102.8M+
  • Deadpool: 21.15M+
  • The Munsters: 13.22M+
  • Jurassic Park: 108.7M+

The Game Preserve, January 8:

  • The Simpsons (pinball): 1.76M+
  • Paragon: 96,640
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: 620.9M+, high score #2
  • Star Wars (Stern): 100.3M+
  • NBA Fastbreak: 31
  • Tri Zone: 351,730
  • No Fear: 276.0M+
  • Charlie’s Angels: 896,750
  • Back to the Future: 1.87M+
  • Q*Bert (video): 32,845
  • Revenge From Mars: 11.41M+
  • Doctor Who: 262.6M+
  • Twilight Zone: 283.2M+
  • Centipede: 45,006
  • Star Trek: 68.98M+
  • Frogger: 13,700
  • Flying Carpet: 2,129 (again, may or may not be accurate)

Guardians of the Galaxy, I remember starting Groot Multiball twice, Orb Multiball once, and Cherry Bomb Multiball (after getting four modes) which is a six-ball multiball with continuous ball save until the mode is over (60 seconds I think?).

Speedy’s, January 9:

  • The Munsters: 8.7M+
  • TMNT Final Battle: 7.58M+ (Final Battle champion at the time)
  • Batman 66: 41.7M+
  • Star Wars: 161.2M+
  • Q*Bert: 31,600
  • Super Pac-Man: 110,090
  • TMNT (normal game): 22.34M+, high score #3
  • Iron Maiden: 199.4M+, high score #3 (Hallowed Be Thy Name Champion 85.5M+)
  • Airline Pilots: 64 points, 7:47 beginner; 74 points, 6:12 intermediate